The Anthology of Celtic Music in Compilation

Celtic music is a traditional folk music genre found from parts of Europe, mainly those with a Celtic heritage found in Ireland, Scotland, and parts of the Iberian Peninsula. This form of music largely consists of wind and string instruments, namely harps, pipes, and flutes. Its sound is somewhat loose with a melody that moves up and down the primary chords. Many describe it as relaxing, soothing, and a reminiscent of forest-scapes. Samples of the music genre can be heard from famous movies such as “Lord of the Rings” (2001-2003), “Song of the Sea” (2014), and “Braveheart” (1995).

Celtic Music: The Definitive Collection is a compilation of Celtic artists with a 2008 and 2013 CD release. Prominent artists or composers would include Loreena McKennit, Shirley Castle, and Sarah Brightman. Both considered in the genre of folk, country, and the world, the first album is made up of three CDs with a total duration of two and a half hour while the second album consists of two CDs with a duration of more than an hour and a half.

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Homogenously, The Definitive Collection 2008 and 2013 assemble a vast and varied experience of the well-loved melodies distinctive of the Highlands of Scotland and the Irish coast. The first and second collection features instrumentals, English and a few more customary Gaelic songs such as Mo Ghile Mear, Suo Gan, and Rasserenatta-prob. However, a few modern pieces including the Prayer, May It Be, and Angel dot the collection with easily recognizable tunes. Also, most of the vocals are sung in English, which makes it easier for the listener to know what the song is all about. Both also include English translations of some traditional folk songs such as the Legend of Greenhills, Nena Maria, and The Flowers of Magherally.

Regarding the differences between the two albums, the second Definitive Collection is mostly composed of instrumentals with a total mix of variation unlike the former. From the rhythmic beats of Riverdance to the rolling hums of Firelands, and the sweeping melodies of Lass Glenshee, the collection features an Electronica-Celtic mix such as The Apple Tree by Katherine Lars and Tale of the Forest by Uriel Vaughan.  Ideally, it also provides more change of ambiance. From the travelling reminiscent songs by Shaun Lochalsh and The Gaelic, the album shifts to sad and moody tunes such as Flood of Tears, Death of Richard-in-Irons, You Brought Me Up, and Never Be the Sun.

As much as both albums are a bit disjointed on how the repertoire is arranged, it is an ideal introduction to those who just started delving into the genre. Also, it is also a collection of avid and long-time fans. Due to its contrast of mood, English translated songs, and a various mix of the music genre, the listener will have a gist of Celtic Music originating from different countries. These two collections are very informative, must-get, up-to-date, and an easy to listen of compilations.

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