Using Irish wedding songs: The perfect way to make your special day more memorable

There is no better way to express your Irish side than by incorporating the rich culture of Ireland into the moments that you value the most, from your birthdays, your professional successes, and even to your wedding. There are a lot of ways for you to incorporate your inner Celt in the planning of your wedding, such as by using Celtic songs as you walk down the aisle. Imagine you, in your perfect wedding gown, walking down the aisle while the guests at your wedding stare at you with delight and admiration. As you do so, the calming yet at the same time perfectly suited Celtic music plays, escorting you to the altar.

If you are looking for Celtic music to walk down the aisle, you are not alone. It has been a very old yet very beautiful tradition to use Celtic songs to escort a lady down the aisle on her wedding day. When looking for the perfect song for your wedding, many useful tips can guide you in making the right choice. There are many things to consider, such as what song will play in the different parts of the wedding since a specific song should be attributed to a specific moment of the ceremony.

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There is a very large collection of songs that you can use, and some which can be your choice for Celtic music to walk down the aisle. You can choose from the traditional Celtic melodies that have stood the test of time for centuries, or you can use Irish folk music from a vast collection of melodies. However, regardless of which song you choose, it will be the most evocative, memorable, unique, and inspirational song that you will hear, and at your wedding, of all occasions. Perfectly suits the whole idea of incorporating Irish and Celtic culture into your wedding!

The first song that you will have to pick would be for the wedding’s prelude. The prelude takes place before the wedding while the guests are being seated before the wedding begins. Choosing a song for this part of the wedding is important because it will set the overall mood of the entire wedding. When it comes to choosing a song for the wedding’s prelude, most couples go for the traditional songs such as Spancil Hill,

Galway Bay, Down by the Sally Gardens, or Only Our Rivers Run Free.

For the most important part of the wedding, the processional, some of the most popular Celtic music to walk down the aisle chosen by many brides includes Scenes of Antrim, The Bride’s Return, The Meeting of the Waters, and Carrickfergus. The most commonly chosen among these songs is Scenes of Antrim, which is a melody that is considered as the most appropriate for a wedding ceremony. It is an uplifting song, which lightens the mood during the ceremony, without sacrificing the magnitude and solemnity of the whole event.

Whichever song you choose for your wedding, Celtic music will provide you with the most authentic Irish cultural experience for your wedding, which will be remembered fondly over the years.

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